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 Předmět příspěvku: Crack the solid wood furniture manufacturing millennium prob
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<p>"Thousands of square meters of mahogany exhibition hall, Monday to Friday basic nobody, the weekend will be only two or three dial." Faced with bleak sales, Changsha Yuhua District,discount high quality hotel furniture a furniture store, Ms. Luo complained, "the former Two years of the best mahogany market conditions, 1 month to earn more than one million, now a year as a year, a month would like to open a single is immune.</p>
<p>According to the China Redwood Circulation Commission statistics, the first quarter of this year, China imported 190,000 cubic meters of mahogany, down 21%, imports fell 26% year on year. Imports are expected to continue to decline this year as the ban on exports continues.
Analysis of the industry, the scarcity of materials, the market downturn, consumer awareness changes and many other factors, in 2016, mahogany furniture industry will face a big reshuffle, for entrepreneurs, the cross-border marketing may be a new break Road.</p>
<P>Price and volume, sales fell nearly five percent Once upon a time, enterprises and consumers in the Feng Qiang, mahogany unusual market conditions booming, it has become the darling of people's consumption and collection. "Gradual appreciation, double the value" is appropriate to describe the hottest mahogany that has been the market.
But since 2014, the mahogany market has suffered a "Waterloo", the product market prices and sales are in the stage of decline in speed. "Two or three people a day to come to inquiries,fold down laundry rack sales fell by nearly half of 2014." A brand of mahogany furniture store salesman Miss Li said that mahogany furniture market conditions are particularly poor, shop rent expensive, earn money Are used to pay rent.</P>
<p>"Changsha mahogany market is not as good as Kunming, May and June to do two 100 million single, in order to profit and loss balance." Shaoshan Road, a mahogany furniture brand, Mr. Guan said that in this line has been seven or eight years, this year He just moved from Kunming store to Changsha, "mahogany furniture is not only the volume of straight down, even the price dropped by two percent, before a set of mahogany to 90 million, and now 700,000 yuan will be able to win." Mr. Ma believes that high-end mahogany furniture is not easy to sell, but the low-end rosewood, new Chinese mahogany furniture will be slightly more popular, because young people prefer simple, delicate, functional furniture.
August 19, the reporter visited a few home stores in Changsha found that almost the most "clean" are mahogany furniture in the region, 3322 customers casually selected furniture, store staff is to end up idle, boring in the Shop to play mobile phone or chat. "The performance is not good, go on like this, not only we have to quit, the boss can only shop, the two business bad!" Many salesmen have said that many stores are facing the risk of closure,cheap camping tables folding even if the retention is also Just barely support.
According to the "China Redwood Industry Development Report 2015-2016" estimates, in 2015 China has mahogany products production and sales of nearly 17,000 enterprises, down nearly 35%, annual output value of 100 billion yuan, down 37.5%. In 2015, China imported a total of 904,300 cubic meters of mahogany, down 56.01%, imports amounted to 1.071 billion US dollars, about 6.96 billion yuan, down 59.43%. These data are sufficient to show that the mahogany furniture market, the difficult situation.</p>

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