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 Předmět příspěvku: choose and buy of solid solid wood
PříspěvekNapsal: pon pro 26, 2016 10:47 am 
What is solid solid wood? Does solid solid wood want how is ability of choose and buy chosen good? You are taken to have a good swim by us below the world of real wood floor.

solid solid wood forms knowledge completely analytic
solid solid wood is it is raw material with natural lumber, from the face it is after all plant by same tree the floor that machine and becomes, maintain its nature instinctive quality from beginning to end, won't produce pollution, not easy aspiration, it is an accord with actually product of green building materials. The difference of treatment craft can divide basis of solid solid wood to rectify a floor, real wood for real wood compositive floor, solid Mu Fu joins a floor board.
Solid Mu Fu joins a floor board form: Stick glue to squash by colophony of aldehyde of Niao of classics of layer of surface layer, core, rock-bottom three-layer and become, among them surface layer is set for high grade batten go all out and become, ply is 4mm commonly. Core layer, ground floor is composition of common and cheap lumber, ply is 9mm, 2mm respectively. Its advantage is surface layer is natural lumber, grain clarity, resource utilization rate is higher, relative cost is inferior. Insufficient place is craft processing is bad, easy statified degum, be able to bear or endure corrupt sex is poor, whole of the meeting after be affected with damp be affected with damp expands.

Total strategy of common sense of solid solid wood, choose and buy
Current, compositive floor is in real wood the country such as Euramerican, Japan is built at laid terrestrial heat by wide application. The heat of the earth's interior is through heating subterranean conduit and achieve the result that warm oneself. Stability of compositive floor dimension, be heated hind is out of shape not easily, thermal conductivity is balanced and can not hit installation of keel in suspension, it is floor of the heat of the earth's interior so optimal choice.
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